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Weaving Data Monitor

Weave Monitor Unit & Software

Weaving Data Monitor is a device useful at looms in textile industry. It is an advance electronic instrument, which takes signals from Proximity installed at loom and display total production (peaks), speed (per minute) and efficiency of machine in %. This unit display production of machine shift wise. Power fail data saving, compact size and multi features in one product make this unit advantageous to weaving plants.

This instrument is used at any type of latest weaving looms to measure production, number of yarn stoppage i.e. warp stoppage number , weft stoppage number . It also display stop time with reason of stoppage. This unit display production details in meters as well as picks with speed of production. It also provide auto stop facility with user set value.

We provides wide range of products for Weaving automation System. With help of On Line Monitoring System , Production Monitor at each Loom , Breakage and Stoppage Monitor at Looms user can improve quality of fabric , lower production cost and work out weak area's in production , raw material and loom machinery.

Some of Important feature of products includes Display of Fabric Length at each loom , Warp break counts , weft break counts , Loom efficiency in % , Beam due length - remaining length in beam and tentative time to reach set length of beam , operator performance , Down time or Machine stop time due to various breaks, Machine production speed in Meters Per Minute and Picks Per Minute, Date- Shift –Year – Machine – Operator – Style wise reports


  • Rapier Looms , Water Jet Looms , Air Jet Looms
  • Jacquard Looms , Jute Looms
  • Power Looms , Textile Weaving House