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Inspection Counter Meter is most appropriate instrument used at Fabric Inspection machine to measure fabric length , speed of production , number of lot and various other feature. Advance sensing technology using Encoder makes it one of most accurate instrument available in the market. It is unique and proven design used for precise measurement of fabric passed at Inspection Machine. At Inspection machine where fabric moves forward and backward frequently this device is most useful which takes consideration of forward and reverse movement of fabric in counting automatically. Cumulative total length , batch wise length , no of batches , auto stop at set length etc are some important features of this unit.


Auto sensing of Forward & Reverse direction

Advance processor based technology

Accurate measurement and controlling

Advance Sensing Technology

Speed and Batch Counts Display

Auto Stop Feature

Multiple production parameters display and controlling

Computer Interface to display and record production readings

LCD Display , Keyboard data entry , Relay Output

Concern Products with different features

  • Inspection Machine Length Counter
  • Length Counter
  • Forward Reverse Counter
  • Speed Indicator Controller

Application Area in industries….

  • Fabric Inspection Machines
  • Counting with automatic direction sensing - forward and reverse
  • Fabric length counter with accuracy in mm / cm
  • Production Monitoring at Inspection Machine with auto stop
  • Textile Machinery automation
  • Weaving loom Machines
  • Stanter Machines
  • Carding Machinery
  • Mecserisizing Machine
  • Pharmaceutical machinery
  • Tiles Manufacturing Industry