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Automation Products


Electrocom Makes Wide Range Special Instruments for Pressure, Flow , Level , Moisture , Humidity etc Sensing and Controlling. Annuciator System With Multiple Set of Inputs And Bright Red Windows Make This Instruments Most Versitile in its Range.

2/4/6/8/16 Channels Annunciator System
Boiler Fault Monitor System

Supervisory Alarm System DG Monitor Syste

Display and Control Pressure.

On Line Fabric Moisture Display (%) and control output .

Big Display Humidity Indicator. (xx %)

Various type of Signal converter to convert one type of signal to other type as per user requirement

Trading of All companies PLC with Programming and Customize Development

Upper Tank Level Controller
Upper and Lower Tank Level Controller
Multiple Tank Level Controlling System

Level controller is used to control the tank level while filling the liquids. Various models such as single tank control or control with source tank / underground tank. Different Models for Various types of Liquids….

Water Flow Meter

Flow Rate Indicator

Flow Totalizer

This device is used to Measure Flow Rate in M3/Hour and Control Output as per user data. Flow Data Totalizer and recording facility is also available.

Musical Hooter
Electronic Siren
Fault Alarm System

Electronic Design which is Energy Efficient , Durable and Reliable.

Controlling of Burner Output with continuos sensing of Flame

Application in Dyeing System

Logical Control of Inputs and Outputs with user define sequence programme.

Single or Multiple channel signal Output for Remote Display

All type of AC Drives Trading

Data Acquistion System

  • Data Log with printing
  • Loom Automation
  • Auto Cono / Auto Coro Automation
  • Data Logger
  • Production Monitor System
  • PC Based Automation
  • Batch Monitoring and Controlling