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Temperature Controller is used for Controlling of process temperature online with indication. It provides relay output which controls solenoid or other control element for Temperature Maintaining. It is most useful and important device in all kind of process in chemical , Textile , Plastic , Ceramic etc industries. Electrocom offers range of Temperature display and control device supported by microprocessor based latest technology and Computer interface.

Application Area in industries….

Temperature Indication and controling

Temperature monitoring with Big Size Display and alert at critical values

Recording of Temperature readings of process

Special Features

  • Big Size Display (1", 2" and 4" size available)
  • Retransmission Output availability (4-20ma output)
  • Computer Interface to display and record temperature readings
  • Multiple Control Outputs
  • Process Temperature display in °C , °F
  • Temperature display range from -200°C to 2000°C
  • Auto Calibrated

Different Models Availability

  • Digital Display (0.3' to 7" Display)
  • Push to Set type display
  • Pot Setting for set value
  • Key board Data Entry type
  • Relay Output
  • SSR Output
  • Analog Output (0-10V DC , 4-20mA outputs)
  • Hysteresis Band
  • Proportional Band control action
  • Better Display Resolution 0.1°C
  • Sensor Open Detection and Alarm
  • Signal Conditioning Check facility
  • Serial & Parallel Interface
  • Sensor Input :: RTD Pt-100 ,Thermocouples J – K –R- S – T – E
  • Analog Inputs :: 4~20mA, 0-10v DC
  • On-off / time proportional control actions


Temperature indicator is used to display temperature in °C OR °F. It display negative and positive both temperature and also provide control outputs. It is economical, effective and used in quantity at several location in plant. Display size of temperature reading from half inch to four inch size.

Display Size Range from 0.5 to 4 big size

Digital display of process temperature in °C AND °F

Signal Conditioning check facility


Temperature Data Monitor Instrument is used to display process temperature in °C and transfer all data to Computer for centralize display. Temperature reports for analysis purpose are available as per user format. It display Multiple location temperature readings and analysis at centralize computer.
It is used to see temperature variation of any particular batch , process temperature of any particular day of shift etc...It is very useful instrument for quality control and improvement view.

Single Input channel to Sixteen channels

Temperature range from -200°C to 1800°C


Temperature programmer is used to control temperature as per planned data entered by user. It will not rise or cool temperature directly but increase or decrease temperature data step by step.
Temperature rate and stay time are user definable. This range of programmer comes with multiple models having different number of programmes and steps per programmer. Advance range of programmer have multiple logic output and inputs which are user controlled. As per user entered..
Profile data these instruments control temperature cycle.
Dyeing Programmer have outputs as Heat, Cool, Alarm, Pressure , De pressure Actions


Temperature recorder device measure and display multiple zone temperature, store the temperature data in to unit memory and provide reports for print and analysis purpose with date and time. All zone temperature report or single zone reports at user time interval, selectable dates are available with system.
Recording of Temperature with Date and Time
Printing of Recorded Data on Demand
Display of Recorded Data


Temperature Scanner is measuring multiple zone temperature readings in one unit and display it on the front display/screen. This device has several additional features such as control output for alaram or auto stop at certain point of selected channels, Data recording and printing facility, computer interface for online display and data recording etc...

Relay Output , Analog Output & Serial & Parallel Interface

Temperature Scanner

Temperature scanner controller

Temperature data recorder

Data Logger

On Line Temperature Data Monitor


Temperature Programmer with soak time in minutes is a product used for controlling the process temperature with add-on unique feature of time interlocking. The time and temperature combination of the unit programming make this system much more advantageous to the plant and industries like Dairy, Textile, Chemical etc.
Heat Temperature and Total Run time for heating, both are user definable with front touch key. The Latest LCD display makes all parameters and status of process clearly visible. Relay output are provided for control element and alarm purpose in case of any fault arises.
Data entry through keyboard and all-important data's are stored during power fail conditions.

Data entry through keyboard and all-important data's are stored during power fail conditions.

Temperature Indication , Controlling and Maintaining Soaking Time


Dyeing Programmer or Temperature Programmer is used for temperature programming & controlling is one of most useful device used in Textile Industry.
Various Temperature Programme can be entered as per user requirement and it is stored in internal memory of the unit. These Programme can be recalled and activated as per user whishes. Dyeing Programmer have outputs as Heat, Cool, Alarm, Pressure , De pressure Actions
To control temprature is important thing in all online process of various industries and controlling of temperature with user definable rate and stay time features makes temperature programmer one of most useful and applicable instrument in industries. This range of programmer comes with multiple models having different number of programmes and steps per programmer. Advance range of programmer have multiple logic output and inputs which user controlled. As per user entered profile data these instruments control temperature cycle..


Temperature transmitter provides analogue output in user defined span & relay outputs for high and low limits . It is having Big Display which is visible from far distance...
Microprocessor based technology, Big Size Display for Temperature Indication, Analog output , Control Outputs , Universal input , Key board data entry are some important features of this unit. In plants different types of sensors are used to measure temperature, flow , level , pressure etc. These signals are converted in to suitable form for further display , controlling or supervision at remote location or different system .Sensor signal is converted to standard process signal by transmitter unit.

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Application Area in industries….

  • Textile Machinery Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing industry
  • Chemical Plants
  • Rubber Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Plastic Industry
  • Dyes and Intermediates
  • Heating Processes industries
  • Dairy industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Boiler machine Industries
  • Furnaces Chemical industry