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Complete Taxation Software
EasyOFFICE is an integrated Taxation Software with the motto of Complete Office Management for Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants and Tax Advocates. EasyOFFICE return filing software exclusively designed as per system specified by the Income Tax Department of India & Trace. EasyOFFICE software is trusted by Thousands of users.
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IncomeTax Software
eTDS Software
ServiceTax Software
Audit and Balance Sheet Software
CMA Data Software
WealthTax Software
ROC software
XBRL software
Office Ware

Value Added Tax Software

EasyVAT is specific software for Gujarat VAT. The software is exclusively designed as per the norms specified by the Gujarat Commercial Tax Department. EasyVAT manages VAT calculations, VAT Audit, VAT e-Return, CST e-Returns, VAT registration & other VAT analysis reports. EasyVAT software is trusted by Thousands of users.                
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 Share Accounting & Portfolio software

EasyINVEST is a Portfolio Management Software. It helps in managing you Accounts, Investments and Capital Gains. It also Manage Share/Stock and Commodity Transactions - Directly Imports Electronic Digital Contract Notes (e-Contract) to avoid Complext Data Entry and Save valuable time.
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IncomeTax software
Provide Income-Tax Calculation for All type of Assessess, Income-Statement, All ITR-Return forms, Direct e-Return filing and e-Payment of Taxes. Unique Pre-Validation with Error Correction module and lot
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eTDS Return software
eTDSR is the complete eTDS & eTCS return filing software exclusively designed as per norms specified by the TRACE The software prepares e-Return for forms - 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. It is enable with Easy to use Correction module and Provide Direct link to Download Consolidate TDS file and TDS Certificates etc...
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Service Tax software
EasySERV – service tax e-filling software with unique features is widely used by Chartered Accountants (CA), Tax Consultants, Corporates & Tax practitioners all over India. Prepare Service Tax E-Return ST-3, Computation Sheet for Service tax calculation and
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Audit software
EasyAUDIT Prepares Tax Audit & Company Audit reports as per Revised schedule VI. Automatic Carry forward of Balances to next year and                  
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CMA Data Software
Preparation of CMA Data for multiple years & Calculation of MPBF and
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ROC software
Auto preparation of Annual filling e-Form in PDF format. Validations of e-form and
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XBRL software
EasyXBRL software is a solution for converting and filing Financial Information of the company in XBRL Format as per MCA guideline. and
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Wealth Tax Software
Customize Software
Customize Developement of Commercial & Industrial Softwere as per user’ s requirement
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