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We are manufacturing a wide range of Production Monitoring devices. These instruments are used for production measurement at various places like textile mills ,   Process houses , Weaving Mills, Cement Plants, Steel Plants , Plastic plants- Machineries , Pharmaceutical plants, Ceramic industry etc.
  • Meterage Controller
  • Length Counter
  • Preset Counter
  • Folding Machine Counter
  • Tablet Counter
  • Pick  Counter
  • Jigger Programmer
  • Inspection Machine Counter
  • Warping Length Counter
  • Weaving Length Counter
  • Reiter Carding Counter
  • Stanter Monitor
  • Shift Production Counter
  • Shrinkage Monitor
  • Carding Data Monitor
  • Dosing Controller
  • Speed Indicator
  • Process Monitor
  • Production Data Monitor
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Loom Production Meter
  • Deca Monitor
  • Auto Cono Automation
  • Spinning Automations
  • Doff Counter Batch Controller Yarn Length Counter
  • Textile  Mill
  • Weaving House
  • Plastic Extrusion Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Process Houses
  • Cement Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Pouch Packing Machinery
Meterage Controller
Meterage Controller is a precision designed production display and controlling system. Being highly functional and durable, this controller is widely appreciated by our clients for  speed & production (Length) display and set & safe Control Parameters.

Meterage Controller is an advance counting device used in Textile industry at various machines to measure final output of that machine. User definable roller diameter with accuracy of 0.1mm,0.01MM, set length with accuracy of 0.1metre or 0.01 meter and alert length through keyboard

Length Counter
Five , Six ,  Seven , Eight Digits
Preset Counter
Auto Stop at Set Length
Folding Machine Counter
Length Measurement of Folded Fabric
Tablet Counter
Tablet counts Monitoring with box Number and auto stop
Pick Counter
Calculation and Display of Warp and Weft picks on Looms
Jigger Programmer
This instrument is used at Jigger Machine for Automatic Loading, Cycling and other functions. Auto Changeover of Direction at user length and Alarm at End of Process cycles or in between error conditions makes this instrument popular in End users.
Inspection Machine Counter
Accurate Length Measurement of Fabric at Inspection with Auto Direction Sensing , Batch Details and Multiple other features.
Warping Length Counter
Advance Technology to take care of various function of Sectional and Direct Warping Machine with Automatic Length counting , direction changeover and auto stop.
Weaving Length Counter
Length Measurement of Weaving  Fabric with Machine Efficiency , Stoppage Numbers and Centralize Display Features.
Rieter Carding Counter
This instruments cum card take care of automatic changeover of can , speed controlling output , total production and batch wise production along with delivery speed of fabric. Proven Technology with advance logics.
Stanter Monitor
Device build on advance  processor technology to take care of five or six zone Temperature of stanter , its data logging , production speed and productions. Additional features like shrinkage , auto stop , batch details are also available.
Shift Production Counter
Electrocom  offers various models to measures production shift wise. Shift Data Separate Display , Auto Stop , Data Logging , Batch Details etc… are features to make this product acceptance in customers.  
Shrinkage Monitor
On Line Display of Shrinkage or Elongation of fabric  in %. Options Like Input and output production display with auto stop and speeds are also available.
Carding Data Monitor
This Instruments take care of various functions of carding process by user definable logic programming and output selections.
Dosing Controller
An advance instrument which take of chemical  dosing in various process of  textile and other industries accurately. Programmable Logics at user end make it most versatile.
Speed Indicator
Easy Operated  instrument to display speed of Motor , Fabric output or other moving elements. Truly Online with Digital Display.
Process Monitor
Economical Series of Instruments to display production in Meters with production speeds. Additional features like RUN time or OFF time display makes it acceptance widely
Production Data Monitor
  • On Line Production Measurement 
  • Multi Channel Production Measurement 
  • Remote Production control system
Proximity Sensors
Encoders , Proximities , Transmitter Receiver type sensors  
Loom Production Meter
Measurement of Production at Looms i.e. Power Loom , Shuttle Less Looms , Water Jet , Air Jet or Rapier Looms.  Various Model with advance feature and technology are available.
Deca Monitor
This instrument is used at DECA Machine in textile process to measure inlet and outlet fabric during process.
Auto Cono Automation
Centralize system to measure yarn length with auto stop mechanism and online printing cum data logging.
Spining Automations
Panesl , Sensors , Counting system , Data Logging system for spinning process.
 Doff Counter Batch Controller Yarn Length Counter
Carding Monitor

This product is used to control and monitor delivery speed and production rate at carding machine

Process Monitor
This device is used at various machines for Online measurement and display of production with multiple other features. Available in various display size ranging from 0.2” to 8” size.
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